Our Services

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Westside Eye Care will always exceed your expectations with our services. We provide our patients with the upmost care in eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses. Our number one priority is CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION. We offer one hour jobs on most glasses.

Our services include:


  • Wellness eye examinations
  • Medical eye examinations
  • Contact lens eye examinations (including astigmatism, mono vision, multifocal, gas permeable, and color contacts)
  • Dry eye clinic
  • Red eyes and foreign body removals (dust, metal, wood, plastic)
  • One hour glasses in most cases
  • Lasik and cataract surgery consultations (we work closely with surgical ophthalmologists to design the best treatment plan)
  • Driver’s License forms (failed driver’s license vision tests that need to be completed), job requirements (we fill out all the vision testing forms needed for jobs, especially for jobs overseas, in the oil and gas industry, peace corps, army reserves, forklift certification, etc.)

Don’t wait! Come discover the Westside Eye Care experience.