I don’t want bifocals…in fact, I hate glasses!

Sounds familiar?  Monovision is a system of contact lens fitting that allows for you to be able to see at distance AND near.  One eye is fitted for distance vision while the other is fitted for near vision.  As your brain interprets what you see, it will learn to selectively focus on the clear image and suppress the blurry image.  This should occur naturally, allowing for you to enjoy vision at distance and near without glasses!

Sounds too good to  be true?!

It’s not at Weatside Eye Care Houston.  Think about taking a picture with a camera.  As you use the zoom to adjust from near to far or far to near, the camera learns to fine tune the image to a clear image, depending on what it is that you are focusing on.

In monovision, both eyes are used at the same time.  Both eyes will learn to work together so that you are not seeing with only one eye.  There may be some slight eye strain at the beginning just like when you get a new prescription or pair of glasses.  Since both eyes are consistently being used, it does not cause any harm to the eyes. This mean that you won’t need special reading glasses because because monovision contact lenses work!

Monovision usually takes about five days to start feeling comfortable and about two to three weeks before your vision becomes totally used to it.  Everyone adapts differently so this time line can be significantly shorter or longer depending on how well your body responds to change.

Is the vision better than the vision I will get with glasses?

It depends.  For some, the vision will be slightly better or worse.  Just like how wearing glasses or contacts can correct your vision, it will never be as good as those who naturally have perfect vision.  Monovision is not for everyone.