Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When should my child start getting eye exams or see an eye doctor?
Answer: Children can get their first eye exams as early as at 6 months of age. Eye doctors recommend that you should at least have your child’s vision tested before school starts. Many eye conditions are easily corrected if caught and treated early.

Question: How often should I get my eyes checked? What if I have great vision and do not were glasses or contacts?
Answer: The American Optometric Association recommends that all healthy children and adults have their eyes checked annually. Even if you do not require any vision correction, it is recommended that you get your annual eye exam. Many health conditions such as  diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol can show up in the eye before you even realize that you have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Aside from health conditions, eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and tumors needs to be checked on a yearly basis. Think of it as an “annual eye physical”.

Question: I am not sure if I have cataracts….and even more unsure if my cataracts need surgery at this time?!
Answer: Dr. Nguyen will thoroughly assess all patients for cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and will let you know her recommendations. This is always standard in her comprehensive eye examinations.

Question:  How long does it take to get my glasses and or contact lenses?
Answer: Most glasses and contact lenses are ready the same day unless the lenses are not in stock.

Question: What payment types do you guys accept?
Answer: We accept most major credit cards and cash. We also accept Care Credit or help you apply for Care Credit. This usually takes about 5 minutes  and you will get an answer instantly.

Question: Do you guys offer financing?
Answer: Yes. If your credit is in good standing you may qualify for 6-12 months no interest financing. Lasik or Cataract patients may qualify for up to 24 months no interest financing.

Question: Where exactly is Westside Eye Care located?
Answer: We are on the corner of Eldridge and Briar Forest, in the Kroger’s shopping center. If you are coming from Eldridge, you will see a McDonald’s, Amegy Bank and Walgreens sitting in front of the Kroger’s shopping center that we  are in. If you are coming from Briar Forest, you will see a Hallmark, Quiznos, Tossed in our Kroger’s parking lot. If you still cannot find us, give us call and we can be your GPS!

Question: Is your question not a frequently asked question?
Answer: Give us a call! (281) 531-7020

Question: Stuck at the office and not able to sneak in a phone call?
Answer: Email us at dr.nguyen@WestsideEyeCareHouston.com and get your answer the same day!