Symptoms of Cataracts

  • Blurred, hazy, fuzzy vision
  • “Filmy” vision (feels as though you are trying to see through a filmy layer
  • Frequent or drastic changes in glasses prescription
  • Glare/Halos especially during night driving

The lens is a transparent structure in the eye.  It works along with your cornea to focus light onto your retinal and allow for you to see images.  As you mature, your lens also matures causing for it to become yellow and opaque.  The yellowing of the lens will affect the way light is focused and will cause for your vision to be blurry.  As the lens continues to yellow and become even more opaque, less and less light can pass through causing for your eyeglass prescription to become worse. 

Cataracts affect over 80 percent of adults over age 60.  Generally, cataracts are caused by old age.  However, cataracts can also be caused by other things like trauma, certain medications, and diabetes.

At Westside Eye Care, Dr. Nguyen will help determine if you are ready for cataract surgery.  She will discuss all of your options for cataract treatment.  Dr. Nguyen will take care of all the pre-operative and post-operative care.  She comanages with Dr. Mike Mann and Dr. Paul Mann (board certified ophthalmologists).  Our staff will go over all the cataract implants available including the ReStor, Crystlens, etc.  We will provide you with take home material in case you want to read more on your own.  Dr. Nguyen also does phone consultations for cataract surgeries.

Financing and 24 month no interest financing are available for those who qualify.