Eyeglass Repair Houston

Has your eyewear been through a lot?  Do your glasses sit crooked on your face? Does your glasses consist of more than one piece? Do you find yourself constantly pushing your glasses back up your nose?  Have you or a loved one sat on them recently?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions then you should pay us a visit. We provide top notch eyeglass repair in Houston!

At Westside Eye Care, our highly trained opticians will help repair your glasses.  Our staff can help straighten out your glasses, replace screws and or nosepads.  We will try our best to salvage any pair of glasses or sunglasses that you may have.  Our eyewear repair services are complimentary even if you did not purchase your frames or lenses from us.

Old eyeglass repair in Houston, 77077

Our highly skilled opticians will be as gentle with your frames as possible.  However, there is still a chance that the eyeglasses will break.  Older eyewear are especially more fragile and are more prone to breakage.  Environmental factors such as heat and sunlight can greatly alter the integrity of any pair of glasses or sunglasses.  In such cases, we ask for your understanding.  We have tried our best and will not be held liable for any damage as a result of the complimentary services.

We provide the best eyeglass repair in Houston.  If you need your glasses fixed – pay us a visit!