Did You Know?

Don’t Wave Farewell to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Did you know that the Wayfarer (Ray-Ban 2132) has been around since 1952?  They were first introduced by American Designer Raymond Stegeman in 1952.  They were finally manufactured in 1956.  Wayfarers were one of the first pair of sunglasses that took advantage of the new plastic molding technology.  This new technology marked the new era of plastic eyewear that were thick and bold.  Before this, eyeglass frames were simply made with thin metals.

They were extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s.  In the 1980s, Wayfarers were back into the limelight again.  These sunglasses were featured in over 60 movies and televisions shows.  Tom Cruise wore them in Risky Business (1983) and skyrocketed Wayfarer Sales to 360,000 pairs sold that year!  In 1986, Wayfarers appeared in Miami Vice, Moonlighting, and the Breakfast Club.  By this time, sales reached to a phenomenal number of 1.5 million.  Famous musicians have also been huge fans of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers, including Roy Orbison, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Johnny Marr, Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Madonna, Elvis Costello, members of U2.  Jack Nicholson and Anna Wintour were also fans of the Wayfarer.  Over 40 fashion models wore the Wayfarers by 1989.

In 2001, the Wayfarers were updated to become even better than ever.  The material changed from acetate to a lighter injected plastic.  They were also made slightly less angular so that people could wear them perched on top of their heads.

In the late 2000s, Wayfarers made yet another come back.  Celebrities like Chloe Sevigny and Mary-Kate Olsen were spotted wearing them.  Most recently, Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift were seen rocking the Ray-Ban Wayfarers in the classic black (901L).

Westside Eye Care is a proud authorized Ray-Ban Dealer.   We have the Classic Wayfarer, the New Wayfarer and other Wayfarer inspired models in multiple colors.  So if you’re feeling hot and a like a celebrity, come on by to give the Wayfarers a test drive!

Raising Brows for Browline Glasses

In the 1950s a new style of eyeglass frames were launched and were labeled as “Browline Glasses”.  This name got its origin from the fact that the upper part of the frames is extremely bold and resembles eyebrows.  The very first pair were made by Shuron Ltd. In 1947.  They called it the Ronsir.  Ray-Ban later renamed it to the “Clubmaster”.

These frames are so unique in the fact that they are made from a combination of plastic and metal.  Classic celebrities who have been known to wear these frames include Malcolm X and Kentucky Fried Chicken Founder Colonel Sanders.

Westside Eye Care has both the Ray-Ban Clubmaster in the Tortoise and Gold as well as Black and Silver.  These glasses are a classic and look great on both men and women!

Juicy Couture made their own version of the browline glasses and called it the “JU103”.  The Juicy version is made extra girly with the softer edges and silver temple accents.  The JU103 is perfect for any female who loves the browline look but are not quite sure if they want to go THAT bold.  At Westside Eye Care you can try both the Rayban and Juicy’s on and see the difference for yourself!

Information compiled from Wikipedia.org