Daily Disposable Contacts

Westside Eyecare provides a large array of disposable contacts choices.  Our eye doctor will help explore your best options with you.

Daily disposable contacts are those that you throw away on a DAILY basis.

Disposable contacts are ideal for:

  1. Those who do not have time to care for their contacts on a daily basis (rubbing lenses and soaking them in solution).
  2. Children.  Children often play outdoors (exposing them to more bacteria and microbials) and can lose their lenses more easily.  Daily disposable lenses allow for the care and maintenance to become minimal.
  3. People who do not wish to wear their contact lenses on a regular basis.  If you wear glasses for at least half the week, it may be more economical to wear daily disposable contacts.
  4. Patients who enjoy the feel of a FRESH, new lens daily.