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Lens material can greatly enhance your vision and make your life easier.  Choosing the right lens is everything.

vision houston Transitions

Transitions lenses:

Transitions (or photochromic) lenses are activated by UV (ultraviolet) rays and will darken when outdoors and lighten when indoors.

Transitions increase comfort by reducing glare so that you squint less and, as a result, reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Transitions are convenient.  They automatically change colors so you don’t have to change glasses.

They also block 100% of harmful UV rays.


Crizal optometrist houston

Crizal lenses – anti-reflective coating (also known as AR coating)

Anti-reflective coatings will RESIST smudges, finger prints, rain, and dirt. Best lenses

Crizal lenses help you SEE better by decreasing glare at night, especially during night driving.

Crizal lenses help you LOOK better because people can look at you and see your eyes instead of a reflection.

Compuclear eye doctor houston

Computer lenses

Computer lenses are for patients who spend the majority of their day in front of a computer. Best lenses

Computer lenses decreases eye strain and fatigue by allowing a larger intermediate area in which you can see your computer through.

An anti-reflective, no glare coating is INCLUDED to eliminate fatigue experienced from glare caused by overhead lights or poor lighting conditions.

You can visit to learn more about computer lenses.


Xperio houston optometry polarized lenses

Xperio polarized lenses

Xperio lenses are polarized lenses.

They offer 100% UV protection and filters out 100% of glare (especially glare from water or the road).

Xperio is 3 times more durable than any other sun lenses, making it an ideal choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

It offers better clarity and truer color perception.


Essilor lenses

ESSILOR hi-index lenses

These lenses are designed for those with high prescriptions to eliminate thickness.


Thin & Lite lenses are made with high tensile and flexural strength.


Varilux ophthalmologist houston

Varilux NO LINE bifocals

These lenses are specifically designed for those who LOOK and FEEL a lot younger than they really are.

There are no visible lines on these lenses and they look just like regular lenses!

Great for those who desire to use one pair of glasses for distance (driving), intermediate (computer), and near (reading).  We offer a large array of different progressives and will help you choose the one that most suits your everyday needs. Westside Eye Care is a Varilux authorized dealer and we can provide you with Varilux progressive lenses in Houston, TX.


The Visoffice system uses cutting edge digital dispensing technology that delivers an accurate, precise, and consistent way to prescribe and fit our patient’s lenses.  The Visioffice delivers the most unique and personalized experience.  Using the new patented Visioffice® technology, eyecode enables you to determine the individual position of each eye’s rotation center with one quick and easy measurement.  This eye data can then be combined with frame and head/ eye behaviour data to create truly personalised single vision and Varilux® lenses. Eyecode is unique to Visioffice® and the combination of technologies outperform all other measuring systems on the market.

By enabling precise measurements including dynamic 3D eye measurement this pioneering new technology enables you – for the first time ever – to pinpoint the exact Eye Rotation Centre (ERC). With this vital new measurement – the eyecode – we can now give our patients something they’ve never had before: truly bespoke accuracy and ultimate lens personalization. Along with Visioffice®’s other key parameter functions you are now able to offer the most advanced, physiologically matched lenses ever made – lenses that are 5 times more optically precise* wherever the wearer’s gaze passes through them.

The Visioffice system is only offered at very few practices in the Houston area.  It allows our office to offer exclusive lenses such as the Varilux S 4D (Varilux S Series) and the newest digital progressive lenses in the market.

*The preceding information was taken directly from the Essilor Visioffice website.